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>> Friday, August 6, 2010

Teaching of Geometry, Measurement and Data Handling

Commencing Date: 11.7.2010
Due Date : 22.8.2010

Task 1.
Prepare a concept map of one of the following topics:

1) measurement
2) data handling

a) examine the KBSR Mathematics Curriculum specifications for your topic from Year 1 to Year6
b) summarize the learning outcomes
c)prepare a concept map to show the relationship between the summarized learning outcomes


Many misconceptions that children develop in shape and space can be avoided with careful planning and consideration of how information is presented.

a)interview mathematics teacher as to the key issues in teaching the above-said topic

b)reflect on the pupils error and misconception that you'd collected during practicum. You should include at least 5 sufficient references to support you ideas

p/s: pesanan penaja: JANGAN lupa kolaborasi bersama-sama guru di sekolah

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